Saturday, June 16, 2018


Bruce and Rachael: thank you for all the time you have so far dedicated to this immense work, taking it from your life and your loved ones. And for the energy you have lavished, drawing on resources unknown to us, or that we do not have, or that we do not know how to find. Thank you for the constancy and patience you have maintained, even when the vicissitudes of your personal life would discourage anyone else. Thank you for not being discouraged when some have unjustly criticized your work. Thank you for appreciating the encouragement of most readers.
Thanks also to you Jerome, for your articles, never crafty, always instructive.
Thanks Bruce!
Thanks Rachael!
Thanks Jerome!
Bruce e Rachael: grazie per tutto il tempo che finora avete dedicato a quest'opera immane, togliendolo alla vostra vita e ai vostri cari. E per l'energia che avete profuso, attingendo a risorse a noi sconosciute, o che non abbiamo, o che non sappiamo trovare. Grazie per la costanza e pazienza che avete mantenuto, anche quando le vicissitudini della vostra vita personale avrebbero scoraggiato chiunque altro. Grazie per non esservi scoraggiati quando alcuni hanno ingiustamente criticato il vostro lavoro. Grazie per aver apprezzato l'incoraggiamento della maggior parte dei lettori.  
Grazie anche a te Jerome, per tuoi articoli, mai leziosi, sempre istruttivi.
Grazie Bruce! 
Grazie Rachael! 
Grazie Jerome!


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Bernhard B. said...

Great words from Roberto, I would like to join this!
Many thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Joining my thanks, always fascinated
German Girl

Semer said...

I subscribe these words.

Andrew said...

I wish I could have said it half as well as Roberto.

I and many of my brothers and sisters are immensely grateful for your hard work.

Andrew Grzadzielewski

Samuel Grosdemange said...

I want to add a word to say all my APPRECIATION for the great work achieved by Bruce, Rachael and Jerome. Even if English is not my mother tongue I am making the effort to read all and every articles you write for it is a priviledge to be able to access to information of such quality. I am also personally deeply involved in research re. the Photo-Drama of Creation and I know how tiring it is to search hard in all directions to find new information in order to get a better and more accurate picture. SO REALLY, MANY THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR VALUABLE WORK !!!