Saturday, July 7, 2018

We need to see these:

Suggestive Outline Notes [Exact title is uncertain], 1882.

Hints to Millennial Dawn Canvassers. 1887.

This is fairly urgent. We need a good photocopy or scan of each. Can you help? 

Hints to Millennial Dawn Canvassers is NOT the same as the later Suggestive Hints booklet.  

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ZionsHerald said...


I sent Jerome a copy of the first book you mentioned and a second follow up book with a similar title.

I have not seen or heard of the last one. I did a search and the only reference I see to it is in the pages of the early ZWT issues. I didn't find it on the WorldCAT, nor the British Library holdings either. If you find it in a library catalog anywhere (and if it's on any of my trips I'll try to make a stop).

My contact at the British Library is still searching for the other items you requested. I should be in London July 17-21 so hopefully they will find before I arrive. If they do find the materials I'll email them to Jerome.