Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Not likely we can ...

But we need a firm identity for the man who wrote this letter printed in the 1891 Watch Tower:

DEAR BRO. RUSSELL:--Thanks to you beyond
expression, for the parcel of tracts, the envelopes,
and then the TOWER, in quick succession.
And I trust by a judicious use of them
to disseminate the truth to those who are in
bondage to sectarianism. As to the new appearance
of my old favorite, the TOWER, I did not
know its face, until I opened the cover, which
made my eyes sparkle with joy. How good the
motto--to bear the cross, then wear the crown.
May we be found worthy. Yours in Christian
fellowship, GEO. SHORT.

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jerome said...

There are over 20 Geo Short’s in the 1891 UK census. “Our” G Short appears to be an adult who has had ZWT for a little while. Taking out all those who are children or young men, reduces the list to about 10. Three or four are in the Greater London area, several are in the West Country, and several are in the Midlands or North Country. One was born in a familiar Bible Student location, Mansfield, Nottingham, and currently lives in Lancashire - his name is Geo Short (of course), married to Emily, no children at home (although other census returns suggest had three), born c. 1832, occupation Stone Carver/Mason. Unfortunately, the UK census returns of the 19th century gives no indication of religion. Last appears in 1901 census as unemployed Stone Carver. So no guarantees, and probably the wrong one.