Monday, March 14, 2016

We need details about these people:


jerome said...

Alexander Hamilton Clark was born on 13 October 1831 in the USA, and died 20 January 1904 in York, Ontario. In the 1881 Canadian census he is 49 years old, married to Effela with child Bertha. He is a carpenter, and crucially he gives his religion as Adventist. You can find him on Find a Grave.

jerome said...

L Kerr of Highland Creek is more difficult to find. In the 1891 Canadian census there are over 20 L Kerr's in Ontario - nearly all with another Christian name in front. Only two are in Toronto (which appears to have swallowed up Highland Creek) and one is a child. That leaves S L Kerr, a farmer, who is Methodist. In the 1881 census he is in St Vincent, Ontario, and down as Sylvester Kerr, also Methodist (Sylvester L Kerr's dates are c.1825-1896. So no guarantees. Perhaps someone else has another database (other than Ancestry) that is better indexed.