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We need solid biographical information about William Peter Flewwelling. (also spelled Flewelling.)

William Peter Flewwelling

            W. P. Flewwelling accepted Watch Tower beliefs at the tail end of the era we’re considering. The 1979 Yearbook history of the work in Canada says:

The light of truth was shining somewhat brightly in eastern Canada when a shaft of such light penetrated the spiritual darkness in western Canada. In 1889, William Flewwelling of Carberry, Manitoba, came into possession of “The Divine Plan of the Ages,” the first volume of C. T. Russell’s Millennial Dawn series (later called Studies in the Scriptures). Convinced that he had found the truth, Flewwelling shared it with others, especially after moving to Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1890. One man who listened with appreciation was Robert Pollock. Soon Bible study classes were being held in the Pollock home. To our knowledge, this was the first of such groups on Canada’s west coast.
In later years, William Flewwelling helped to establish Bible study groups at Asquith (about 20 miles [32 kilometers] west of Saskatoon) and Wadena, Saskatchewan. Later in life (in 1934), he moved to Witchekan, Saskatchewan, and declared the “good news” throughout that part of the province. William died at Chitek Lake in 1945, but many of his relatives continue to carry on the Kingdom-preaching work he began in that area.
Flewwelling (October 6, 1861 – April 15, 1945) was newly married (to Susan Moffet) when read Plan of the Ages.

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jerome said...

The Yearbook details will have come from one of the life stories requested by each Branch Office around 1971 in readiness for the histories of different countries. Probably from one of his three children.

Ancestry provides a few incomplete details. In the 1889 marriage register, William marries Susan. He is a farmer and they are both down as Presbyterian.

In the 1901 census, although born in Canada, he gives his race as Welsh. Occupation is unclear - looks like pattern maker, and his religion appears to be overwritten with the words Evangelical.

Susan dies in 1908.

In the 1916 census he a widower, Protestant for religion, and farmer for occupation.

In the 1921 census he is a Bible Student and a farmer.

In 1938 his border crossing pass from Canada to the United States shows he is now married to Minnie Ella. His occupation is still farmer. Minnie Ella is not with him, his companion is Robert J Schwartz and their purpose for a two week stay in America is to attend the Seattle Watch Tower convention. His medical notes state he is hard of hearing.