Monday, August 8, 2016

Another puzzle to solve

We have tentatively identified the people mentioned here. Can you do better?

He sought reinstatement in 1882, but this was denied. He reactivated his appeal in 1885, and this  appeal was still pending when he resigned from the Episcopal Church. Russell sent Seton regular literature shipments, including back issues of Zion’s Watch Tower. One of these was the September 1884 issue. It persuaded Seton and his closest associates to withdraw from the Protestant Episcopal Church. He wrote to Russell, describing the event: “I am glad to inform you that we, viz: Hon. J. T. G. [Joseph T. Gibson], the superintendent of our county, C. T. B. [Perhaps C. T. Bruno], George H. C. [Perhaps George H. Coleman], and myself – met at Brother G.'s residence on the first inst., and duly recognized ourselves as part of the Church of Christ, after reading the article ‘The Ecclesia,’ published in Z.W.T. of Sept. 1884.”[1] Though only these four are mentioned, there were ten adherents in total all derived from Seton’s congregation and all of them Watch Tower subscribers. They called their new congregation the African Evangelical Church of Christ.[2]

[1]               Extracts from Interesting Letters, Zion’s Watch Tower, February 1888, page 8.
[2]               M. A. Noll and C. Nystrom: Clouds of Witnesses: Christian Voices from Africa and Asia, IVP Books, Illinois, 2011, page 71.  View from the Tower, Zion’s Watch Tower, December 1887, page 1.

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Phil Arnold, Ph.D. said...

Cyrus Teed felt inspired by a female Holy Spirit appearing to him. This experience led him to conclude he was the Cyrus of Isa 49 to restore Israel in the Last Days and from there identified himself as the Figure who could interpret the 7 Seals. He referred to himself as Koresh (Cyrus).

If this sounds all too much like David Koresh leader of the Branch Davidians in the 1993 Waco crisis, it is similar. Although there is no clear evidence that David knew of the earlier Koresh, it is possible that Lois Roden, David's older mentor, had known of Teed and led David down that path without actually telling him of Teed.

I think it would be too coincidental to find two people with 100 years of one another both claiming to be the Koresh and the Lamb of Revelation who interprets the Seals without their being some kind of connection. In my study of church history, I have never heard of anyone else claiming to be the Koresh revealing the 7 Seals. It is an unusual combination.

Phil Arnold, Ph.D.
The Reunion Institute