Monday, August 1, 2016

From the comment trail ...

A really nice comment:

Andrew Martin has left a new comment on your post "Really Good Review of Separate Identity vol 1":

Here's another point of interest - in a later post, the same person who gave the review posted the following about the authors:

Beide sind keine wohl keine ZJ.

Which translates to:

Probably neither are Jehovah's Witnesses.

To me, that's a tribute to the research team: Two academics, one an adherent to the faith under discussion, the other one an objective observer.

The one is not using this forum to prove his belief system, the other is not using it to attack it. Seems like an ideal combination of researchers. I wish teams of Bible translators could show the same objectivity (I'm sure some do).

In a way, the reviewer's conclusion is testimony to the strict objectivity that both of them demonstrate - resulting in work that is obviously not written by detractors, but without any evidence of proselytizing either.

Neither polemicism nor apologism. Strictly well-documented history.

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