Sunday, August 21, 2016

Kinemo Films again

Recently on this blog, there have been two articles on the 1922 issued Kinemo films, all of which present the beliefs of the Bible Students at that time, and feature J F Rutherford - albeit fleetingly - in some of the footage. For those who would like to see the films they are now on YouTube, courtesy of Brian, who who has painstakingly re-photographed every frame and made them available again after all these years.

Imperial Valley
The Great Pyramid

If any new readers want background information on these films which were marketed with the approval of the Watch Tower Society with a write-up in The Golden Age magazine, please punch in Kinemo in the Search box of this blog.


Bernhard Brabenec said...

Many thanks that it is possible to see this great historic treasure!

Anonymous said...

Just WOW!

Anonymous said...

Many, many thanks indeed for this Jerome. These are fascinating insights to Bible Student thinking of the early 1920s.

All good wishes
Son of Ton

Chris G. said...

STUNNING! an amazing piece of our history! a MUST SEE for all who visit this blog!

roberto said...

Brian Kutscher, many thanks!!!

roberto said...

And thanks Jerome!!!