Saturday, July 23, 2016

Help with this?

Russell sent a Miss F. L. MacKenzie to China as a missionary. We need biographical details. Anyone?


Andrew Martin said...

I'm not much help here, but "Proclaimers" book (page 424) gives her first name as Fanny, and says she was of British nationality. A photo of her appears on page 423. Perhaps that gives a clue that Britain might be a fruitful field for future research?

Anonymous said...

A Daily Manna book from the approximate period gives Fanny L MacKenzie's date of birth as 4 November and location as 'London'. Other MacKenzies listed in the record, possibly but not necessarily related, include a Marion and a John from Portobello (presumably London)

I think we need Jerome's Ancestry skills next please. 'Slowly, slowly catchee monkey' (No evolutionary suggestion intended)

Son of Ton, suitably impressed and refreshed by the Manchester convention

jerome said...

Fanny Louisa MacKenzie was born on November 4, 1864. She never married. In the 1901 census for Britain she is living with mother Ellen and sister Isabel. In the 1930s she entered the USA from Mexico and in 1935 applied for naturalization, giving her occupation as teacher. The petition document dated January 30, 1940, gives her occupation as "retired missionary". At some point she appears to have returned to Britain, because she died in Bexhill on Sea, Sussex, in 1962 aged 97.