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In all the Earth: China and Other Foreign Fields.

            We observed in a previous chapter that the message reached Norway though the letters of immigrants with family remaining in ‘the old country.’ The message reached India by 1883, interesting “two deeply interested Indians, one of them a preacher.”[1] These were not unique events. Russell commented on the message’s international spread:

The truth reached some of the saints in China, who rejoice in its light. The Lord wanted to gather some saints in Sweden, and he raised up some earnest Swedes in this country, who by private letters and translations communicate the good tidings to other Swedish saints. And so with the Germans. We notice also that where the seed-sowing has been most bountiful, and the largest harvest should naturally be expected, there the greatest efforts are being put forth. The most favored portion of the field seems to be this country, and next to it, Great Britain. Thus through the press, by private correspondence, by traveling brethren, and by the special efforts of those whose sphere is more limited, the Lord is carrying on his great harvest work. He is sending forth these reapers with a great sound of a trumpet, to gather his elect together.[2]

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