Friday, July 15, 2016

Rough draft, temporary post

We owe much to our blog readers and others who pointed us to documents and facts. Thanks to everyone. This is rough draft. It will change. Temporary post. You may copy for your own use, but do not share off the blog. Comments encouraged.

New Workers Enter the Field

            Mostly ignored by historians are adherent’s the efforts to spread the message through the religious press. Finding examples from the period before The Plan of the Ages was published is difficult. Most believers addressed doctrine and did not reference Russell or his associates or any of their publications. This is not surprising since affiliation was fluid and loose. Many – most in this period – who read and circulated Zion’s Watch Tower saw sectarian organization as a “mark of Babylon.”
            An article by G. W. Cone entitled “Is Christ on the Throne of David” appeared in the November 30,... Remainder of this post was deleted.

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