Sunday, February 7, 2016

Never Ever ...

            Our blog visitors are important to us. Some of you help us as you can. Many of you are repeat visitors, sometimes viewing the blog several times a day. Comments help. Even a question helps, because it can point the way to further research. Most of our visitors are well-behaved. Sometimes we get one that is not.
            The recent Korean troll is an example. All of his comments were marked spam and we no longer see them. In the last few months we had a semi-regular visitor who wanted to insult a religion. He left of his own accord; at least he no longer comments. He’s welcome to comment as long as he keeps it within blog rules. This is a history blog and not open to disputatious comments or insults. Apparently his feelings were hurt by the reminder, and he’s gone. We’re not responsible for your personal angst, peevishness, or rude behavior, and you may not bring it here.
            In the last few months a Russian visitor has emailed me privately, asking questions. I’ve pointed him to answers. But this is a really good place to say that I don’t do basic research for others. I don’t have time. If you want to know what we have to say about Watch Tower history, buy our books. Now ... back to our Russian visitor. He signs himself Vlad.
            Vlad thinks that because I’m a woman and Mr. Schulz’ name comes first on our books, I know less; I’m less capable and pretty much inadequate. So he wanted to email Mr. Schulz. I reminded him that Mr. Schulz is not taking emails. His health is fragile and he’s old.
            Vlad has an agenda. He’s a nominal Witness who believes 1914 is not the date of Christ’s parousia. (I’m sympathetic. But I’m not a Witness trying to sway others to change doctrine.) Vlad wanted Mr. Schulz to agree with him, thinking that because we write independent research he must hold similar opinions. Vlad wrote to Bruce anyway. My cousin answered him.
            Vlad shouldn’t expect further assistance with his research, not because he has views contrary to Witnesses, but because of the sexism and lack of respect for Mr. Schulz’ health issues.
            My screen name may be frivolous, but I am an exceptionally well qualified researcher. I have two bachelors degrees (history, education); two masters degrees (history, education) and a PhD (history). I’m a certificated teacher, with the “Highly Qualified” designation and board certified. What’s between my legs does not make me a second rate researcher, hardly more than a secretary.
            My frivolous blogger name derives from a novel of mine published in 2007. It’s out of print. But some of you have read it. I created the name to comment on the Miss Snark writer’s blog.I see no need to change it.
            My last thought on this matter is, Never, ever peeve a Pixie.


Harry H said...

Anyone who thinks Rachael is "just a girl" is a damn fool. And she does have balls. They are souvenirs from the many idiots who have underestimated her in the past. They are hanging on a fence post by her main gate.

roberto said...

I really don't understand some males. Can't you try to be men? Try please, it's not hard.
Rachael is monumental, she's a great woman, a great historian and writer, a superb researcher, a teacher and mother and wife. This blog and the history books about Watch Tower History wouldn't exist without her. You don't know Rachael, so be respectful, ok?
I am a Witness, I don't agree with Rachael in some doctrinal views, and she doesn't agree with me, but we respect each other. Can you be respectful? Try to be a man, and not a little boy. We do history research, nothing else, do you understand? I repeat again, try to be a man, because we don't need sexist little boys.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

I don't know if you should call a 4 foot ten inch woman who weighs under 90 lbs monumental, but thanks!