Wednesday, February 24, 2016

1922 Convention

I'm posting this for one of our blog readers. He would like to identify people appearing in this panoramic photo of the Cedar Point convention. I have segmented it and made it as clear as possible. Obviously we will not be able to identify many.

Jerome will be interested in the moving picture equipment. CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO VIEW IT ENTIRE.


Jeremy said...

Looking at the picture, from the left, I have indicated with red arrows who I think these people are. (Besides the obvious JF Rutherford).

1) Woodworth 2) RJ Martin 3) George Fisher 4) Van Amburgh 5) Malcom Rutherford

Can anybody confirm?

Also, who is that Colonel Sanders-looking person next to Rutherford. (on Rutherford's left). He obviously was prominent enough to be sitting on the platform.

Thank you.

jerome said...

Most interesting photograph - thanks for supplying. Very interested in the movie cameras - now if only the film would turn up. I would agree with Van Amburgh - most distinctive, and probably Fisher - not sure about the rest. Have emailed a contact who may have other photos from this event - you never know if another shot taken at the same time might give more of a close-up.

Andrew Martin said...

Might the Colonel Sanders-looking character be Menta Sturgeon perhaps? Or had he parted company by then?

jerome said...

The Colonel Sanders character looks too thick-set to be Sturgeon. Also Sturgeon was put forward as a replacement president for Rutherford in the 1917 Facts for Shareholders, so one must assume he would part company with the IBSA when that move failed. He then ended up with the Universalist group the Concordant Bible Society.

Andrew Martin said...

Here are two to look for in the orchestra, which, being in the foreground, might be more easily identifiable:

"C. James Woodworth, then a sixteen-year-old lad in the assembly orchestra, recalls: 'That was a dramatic moment. How the audience applauded! Old Brother Pfannebecker waved his violin above his head and, turning to me, said loudly: "Ach, Ya! Und now ve do it, no?"'"

Source: 1975 Yearbook, page 132

Anonymous said...

Quanta strada da allora!
Grazie per il ricordo!

Gian (tdGonlineforum)

roberto said...
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jerome said...

My apologies to Roberto whose comment I accidentally deleted. Roberto had written his comment in Italian - I was trying to cut and paste into Google translate, when - oops - it was removed. There doesn't seem to be an undelete command on blogger.
I miei apoligies!

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Roberto's comment was Gian, grazie a te per il commento. Ci farà piacere leggere altre tue impressioni sugli articoli che vengono pubblicati in questo blog.

roberto said...

Don't worry Jerome! As you can see, Sha'el is a very resourceful woman.