Thursday, February 25, 2016

Solutions from Bernard - Click on Image to view Entire


jerome said...

Congratulations to Bernard - if anyone can identify people from old photographs it would be him. Seeing the larger picture I would favor John Adam Bohnet on the speaker's platform. This is an excellent thread, and it is good to see new contributors.

Andrew Martin said...

Incredible work! I agree about Bohnet being a more likely candidate than Fisher.

Who else should we be searching for? Charles A. Wise, WT Vice President? Where is A. H. MacMillan - didn't he have a rather distinctive hair style? Was it too early for F. W. Franz?

If Hemery and Salter(?) were there, what about various European managers?

Jeremy said...

Thank you all for your input. Please keep them coming.
I remember reading that a 16 year old (?) NH Knorr was at this Convention, but am not able to identify him.
I believe he went to Bethel a year later.
Please keep the ID-ying coming!

Andrew Martin said...

I see a black man next to George Draper - could that be Thomas E. Banks? Looks too old for William R. Brown.

Could George H. Fisher be the man sitting next to the one that may be John A. Bohnet?

Ideas for searching for European managers: Kaarlo Harteva had a rather distinctive haircut, Count von Luttichau had a white mustache.

What about George Young? - wavy hair

Just some ideas.

Andrew Martin said...

By the way, Mr. Soper, the photographer, left the Bible Students during the 1920s.

jerome said...

William D Soper lived until 1964. I wonder what happened to his photographic archive?

Bernhard Brabenec said...

When I see now the new photo uploaded from Jerome, than it is clear that this is George Fisher and not Bohnet. But on the same photo there is an "new" man in front from Martin (Salter) and this could be now Bohnet.
To Andrew:
There are no other branch manager from continental-europe to see. In April/Mai 1922 Rutherford came to Europe to meet them, like Balzereit (D), Binkele (CH), Wetzel (A), Szabo (HU), Sima (RUM), Harteva (FIN), Lundborg (SWE), L├╝ttichau (DEN), Kasprzykowski (PL), so I think they didn’t come in September to the States. They had own conventions in their countries.

Jimmy said...

Thank you for your help! That is amazing...
Question: The Colonel Sanders looking person next to Rutherford was labeled as Alexander Graham. Who is he? I have never heard of him.
Thank you.