Thursday, February 18, 2016

S. D. Rogers - 1887

We can attach this ad to Rogers through his letter to Russell:

Grand Rapids, Mich.
DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:--I will tell you briefly of my
efforts here. Have been here two weeks and have been working
in the business part of the city nearly all the time. I have sold
300 DAWNS--nearly half of them being Vol. II. When here two
years ago, I sold only about 35 in the business part of the city.
The increase, I think, is owing somewhat to the interest formed
by hearing of the book; but perhaps more directly by a better
presentation of its merits. It requires considerable tact,
earnestness and experience to interest business men in a
religious work. Though if once interested the influence is apt to
be good, as they are generally at the head of practical and
representative families.
The principal object now, I think, is to find the "sheep" and
minister unto them; but in doing this, we can do good unto all,
as we have opportunity. I have not yet decided whether it will be
well to canvass the whole city again now. If the exceedingly
warm weather continues it will perhaps be better to work in
smaller towns for a while.
It is interesting to note the way in which the truth and harmony
brought out in DAWN is being circulated and found out. Being
good tidings, they who find it go and tell their own brother,
sister or friend. These likewise go and tell others, even as it was
when the Savior was first discovered among men. And how
blessed are they who are permitted to publish these things!
I greatly enjoyed the "View" in last TOWER. Truly, the Elisha
class will be more numerous than that of the Elijah. And though
the former class will be highly favored, I am striving and hoping
to be one of the overcomers. In considering the subject I have
been interested in trying to trace the import and typical meaning
of 2 Kings 2:10--where we read "If thou see me taken from thee;
but if not, it shall not be so." Will it be that the Elisha class will
need to know, or see, when the Elijah class is taken from them
in order that they may inherit a "double" portion of the spirit?
[This would seem to teach that it will be only such as keep in
fellowship with the Elijah class, such, therefore, as will know
them and realize that they are being exalted, who will constitute
the Elisha class and be inspired to fresh zeal and redoubled
earnestness in the service of the truth from a realization of the
With Christian love to you and Sister R. and others of them that
are His, I remain, Yours in service, S. D. ROGERS.

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