Saturday, February 27, 2016

We're open to other guest posts ...

... but I'd like to limit the topics to events before 1918.

If you choose to submit something, you should be aware of the following:

Everything is subject to edit.
Your work should be your best effort; if I have to edit extensively, I won't publish it.

It should be footnoted.

Footnote format for a book, magazine article, or pamphlet is: Author's first and last name: Title, publisher, place of publication [omit for a magazine], date of publication, exact page.

Online source: "as retrieved from [link] on [date]." I will reject anything that uses an online source except when it is a link to an original source.

Anonymous article: Title, Name of Publication, date of publication. If a magazine note the page. If a newspaper, omit page.

Prepare to be rejected on any grounds without explanation.

It must relate to Watch Tower history. It must be based on primary sources. It must be balanced and accurate. The research must be reproducible.

Photos should be in .gif or .png format. They should  be attached to your article, not embedded in it.

Your submission should be in Times New Roman font. NOTHING ELSE. It should be saved without any formatting but normal paragraph formatting. That means no colored fonts, no background colors. Italics for Titles of publications. Capitals and quotation marks for titles of articles [eg "How to Raise a Happy Goat"] It should be in Word or WordPerfect format. I will reject Wordpad and .pdf submissions. It shouldn't exceed 5000 words. If it's stellar research (in my opinion, not yours), I will accept something longer. Attach your article. Do not send as email text.

Our main interest is the Russell era. If you have something relevant to the Rutherford era we are less likely to consider it, but will give it a fair reading. Good writing trumps all. Write for an American audience (avoid passive voice.)

You surrender all rights, except that you are free to reproduce it elsewhere without asking our permission. This protects us and still leaves control in your hands. It also means that we can republish it in any form without asking you. Don't like this, don't submit. With the exception noted above, you retain copyright. In the USA copyright is automatic, though better protection comes from registering with the copyright office.

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Semer said...

So, passive voice should be avoided? ;-)