Friday, March 3, 2017

First few paragraphs in rough draft - Current research

Evangelical Voice

            The Barbourite movement was narrowly focused, drawing almost entirely from non-Seventh-day Adventists, Age-to-Come believers and other Millinarians. Barbour saw those without a millannialist point of 

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jerome said...

It is good to see that as historians you record facts and try as much as is possible to avoid theological opinions. So you are even-handed in pointing up the differences between CTR’s theology and that of the modern Watchtower Society on reconciliation, but avoid being judgmental. There are readers of this blog who will favor one viewpoint over the other, or have another viewpoint entirely on the subject, but no-one should be able to complain that they are misrepresented or that the project is being unfair to them.

roberto said...

Astonoshing, this article deserves a translation.

Donald Jacobs said...

Interesting and pleasing to see song lyrics quoted as a source.