Thursday, March 23, 2017

Your opinion, thoughts, comments?

Please read the article entitled "Lay up Treasures for Yourself," found in the February 1881 Watch Tower. We are interested in your assessments.

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Andrew said...

A very thought provoking article. How should a Christian spend his or her time and resources? What would make us a good steward, and what would count us as an unfaithful steward? Tough questions, that have some so many different answers depending on our circumstances and possessions, and even health.

The article makes me think that when Russell wrote it, he was recounting his own struggles with how to be a good steward in his unique circumstances. The questions he poses to others must have been ones he asked himself many times.

Interestingly, despite making several recommendations to some in certain situations, near the bottom of page 186, in the last long paragraph, he commends these decisions to "your judgment," emphasizing that these decisions are not to be made for you by others.

I also wonder if we need to see this article in light of the expectations for 1881 noted in the following article "Cast Not Away Therefore Your Confidence. Near the end of the that article, on page 191, under the heading "Our Change Seems Due," the author mentions several expectations for 1881.