Monday, March 13, 2017

Two Hymns that strongly impressed Russell


Andrew Martin said...

I remember decades ago, "I Love to Tell the Story" being the theme song for the "Back to the Bible" radio broadcast. That's all of the program I even heard, because I had no interest in the program, and the time to introduce the show with the hymn was roughly equal to the time it took me to reach the radio and change stations.

The lyrics of the hymn (which I've never seen in their entirety until now)seem very uplifting; I can see why Russell would have appreciated them.

"On the other hand", the hymn "Tell Me the Old, Old Story" didn't do much for me. Now I'm curious to read Miss Hankey's complete poem, to see which way her personal beliefs leaned.

Anonymous said...

I really love the old hymns from the old songbook "Hymns of the Millennial Dawn"!
I have so many recordings of them!