Thursday, March 16, 2017

Your observations wanted ...

Please read the article "To Communicate Forget Not" found in the August 1880 ZWT and give us your observations.


Andrew said...

A very moving article. It reminds me that the best way to teach someone something is by example. If I want to teach others about Christ, I need to be like Christ myself. And being a good steward depends not on how much or how little we have, but by how we use what we have been given.

In the seventh paragraph, I was again reminded that the best way to approach other with the good news is by provoking them to love rather that to fear. If we feel the clouds have been removed from our minds, then how privileged we should be to help others remove the clouds from theirs, not by telling then about us (paragraph 8), but let it be all about Christ.

Near the end of the article, it seems that part of the truth the author wants to relate is that "this age end the probation" of only those who can see and hear plainly and clearly, and then the idea of Restitution is brought out. So the author clearly believes in a probation for nearly all people in a future age.

A beautiful article. The writing reminds me of other articles written by Maria Russell. I wonder if it could be determined if she wrote it.

And at the risk of sounding ungrateful, I wish current Watchtower articles could be as inspiring and moving as this one. I have always loved reading Watchtower articles from this period. I often read them to others, and they usually are as appreciative as I am.


Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

There's no way to tell if Mrs. Russell wrote this. However, the divorce transcript tells us that Russell would extensively outline articles and pass the actual writing to his wife. We will attribute the article to Russell.